Sitemap - 2022 - Unmade: media and marketing analysis

BOTW: Warriors of woke, or carving out a brand position?

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How Domain's update alarmed the whole media market; and Sanger exits The Market Herald - for now

Tuesdata: How media shareholders were slashed by the falling knife

The year in review: CMO moves; brand crises; a Netflix U-turn; war for the Market Herald; the madness of Musk and ABC's audio audience collapse

BOTW: Mamamia takes on the podcast giants, marketer legacies; A Very Bad Score

Introducing Re:made: Why retail media is the choice for our first conference (and another gyration on The Unmade Index)

To be a thought leader, you need to have thoughts

Tuesdata: The key themes of 2022's radio ratings in five exclusive charts

Start the Week: Ten swings for the cricket; Musk goes after Twitter alumni; Paul Barry closes on Media Watch record

BOTW: Planning to fail in media acquisitions; cooking while baked; The big Accenture deal that slipped by

Two awards, a fraud, and an unwelcome exit: the messy trajectory of Unmade’s startup phase

Tuesdata: November's top spending TV campaigns in the Christmas countdown

StW: Brand trouble from the bondage bear; The Twitter files; TMH's bloody boardroom coup

BOTW: Exclusive - Inside the The Market Herald's civil war; winners have parties; Media agencies' $8bn year

Tuesdata: Three trends among the advertisers who broke the rules in 2022

StW: New faces at Today and A Current Affair; Winners of the TV ratings year; Molloy in Sydney

BotW: Can Molloy win over Sydneysiders from 700km away?; TikTok boom; Iger re-enters Disney's Who-niverse

Marketing in 2023 with Nick Garrett, Naomi Johnston, Richard Curtis and Andrea Dixon

In praise of The Project - why teatime telly still matters to the networks

Tuesdata: The state of news readership data

StW: The journo departure lounge; Return of Twitter's most toxic; The readership sausage

BOTW: The economics of podcasting and a fork in the bird

The Unmakers: Jamie Harding, CEO of Theatrix - the new streaming platform for the arts

Start the Week: Why 2GB split with Jim Wilson; Closing in on a cricket deal; Mega Meta cuts

BOTW: Rocketman strangles the bird; The curious Kyle ratings; Subscription winners; Amazon's other best job

Members only: I want your Christmas campaign verdict; and a chance for us to catch up in Melbourne next week

A harsh (too harsh?) market verdict on News Corp's quarterly numbers

How high can the Kyle & Jackie O rocket ship go?

Tuesdata: Last month's biggest ads - supermarkets, insurance and betting brands

Start the Week: Musk's 'thermonuclear' threat to advertisers; Nine to extend tennis deal as cricket bidding begins; ABC shakeup

BOTW: The incineration of Twitter; the gambling backlash; Netflix pricing and Nine gets into product reviews

Why Ooh Media's Cathy O'Connor has been anything but bored with outdoor

SBS makes a rational - and emotional - case for taking ad share from its commercial rivals

Who cares, wins

Tuesdata: How BeReal and TikTok are smashing Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (and WeAre8 is yet to make a dent)

Start the Week: Elon's Twitter bloodbath begins; Mutiny's new start; the Rebel Wilson verdict

BOTW: Anti-social media, Sexpo style; Gravity catches the platforms; Musk reaches out to advertisers

Will Ooh Media pull off its retail media play?

What good is doing good? Leo Burnett's Catherine King on what the public expects from brands

Seven Upfront: A TV company that happens to own a newspaper; an AFL broadcaster that happens to air some cricket

Tuesdata: Last month's top game advertisers

StW: Hi, Bayo: Foxtel set to merge Binge and Kayo; Will Nine swoop for early tennis deal? ABC shifts priorities

BOTW: Stan for sale?; Trouble at Kiis; Tabloid genius; Does the ABC really have Australia's best marketing team?; Sydney's cluttered streets

Binge gets an advertising tier as Foxtel sets out its wares for 2023

The Unmakers: Sinorbis founder Nico Chu on helping western marketers crack Asia

Dive BOM: Four executional errors and an unfathomable strategy have ruined The Bureau's rebrand

Tuesdata: The new new News Corp merger explained in ten graphs

StW: News Corp's merger; Stan to lose its NBCU deal? A disastrous media launch; Frankly's ratings stinker

BOTW: Rupert puts the band back together; Netflix sets its Aussie ad price; see you in Melbourne

The Unmakers: How Storipress founder Alex Pan wants to reinvent digital publishing

Carsales' main media push shows where the classified players can go next

Tuesdata: Time in with the telly, for 30 years and counting

StW: F1 shambles; Dodgy government ad spend; Ita doubles down on missing ABC audience; Networks lobby on CTV

BOTW: Rich, talented arseholes

Paramount Upfront: How the Pluto FAST channels will change the game

The Unmade podcast: Rich Curtis on the biggest names on the FutureBrand Index, election campaigning and Meta's reputation recovery

Rupert Murdoch goes platinum; and media stocks recover... a bit

Tuesdata: September's most prolific TV advertisers

Start the Week: Seven closes on Peacock; Lachlan Murdoch's Nova profits revealed; what to expect at Ten's upfronts

BOTW: The business of business publishing; Optus starts advertising; Falloon's Nine exit

The Unmade podcast: Jag Sanger of The Market Herald on buying Gumtree and Carsguide, and launching a newspaper

Optus writes a new chapter in the crisis handbook

Tuesdata: Which sports betting brand gambled the most on marketing?

Start the Week: Forbes and Inc in Aussie head-to-head; the Optus hack; underwhelming AFL ratings; blood on the ASX

Reputation crises for Optus and AFL; TV landmarks; and a bloody day on the ASX

Why Coles is getting out of the servo game

The Unmakers: WeAre8's Lizzie Young on why she wants exactly 6.5% of social media budgets

Tuesdata: How the supermarkets stack up in a cost of living crisis

Start the Week: Most watched TV; a perfect AFL lineup; Ten's Saturday problem

BOTW: A holdco of vacancies

Nine Upfront: A dozen iterations, no revolutions

The Unmakers: Richard Baker's plan to build 'the best independent premium audio storytelling house in the Southern hemisphere'

Tuesdata: How big tech stacks up after reporting season

Start the Week: Reporting the biggest Royal story; TikTok the espionage machine?; NRL holds out its hand for Foxtel cash

BOTW: Performative.

Why Seven and Foxtel are willing to pay $40,000 per minute for the AFL deal

Tuesdata: August’s most prolific TV advertisers

Start the Week: How Woolies is Australia's most trusted; TV networks abandon kids' content; Netflix's Aussie ad play

BOTW: Publishing communities, backwards ad revenue and media's lost trust

The Pureprofile turnaround: More evidence that domain expertise counts double

Media's season in court: How The Teacher's Pet changed Australia's podcast landscape

Tuesdata: Is the digital advertising talent shortage easing?

Start the Week: ScoMo's Tourism Australia mystery (nearly) solved; lessons of media mergers; The Cat's masterplan

Best of the Week: A tale of two broadcasters - the diverging fortunes of Nine and SCA

The Unmade podcast: Nigel Marsh

Australia's most influential radio show has never had fewer listeners. The ABC's audience problem is getting worse

Tuesdata: Which health insurance brand is currently spending the most?

Start the Week: Qantas says sorry (again); Is AFL's D-Day finally here?; New owner for Carsguide; Results season

Best of the Week: Faux pas, financials, BCS worship and the WFH debate (plus a request for some Slack feedback)

Lisa Ronson departs one of the biggest CMO roles, but how to mark her Coles scorecard?

Seven delivered two years of improved profits for the first time in its history, so why wasn't the market more impressed?

Tuesdata: How the holding companies stack up after reporting season

Start the Week: Lachlan goes legal; The Block puts Nine back on top; Foxtel's anti-siphoning push

Best of the Week: Walkbacks, setbacks, LinkedIn hacks, trainwrecks and a holdco flex

Triple J's youth audience has fled. And no, it's (mostly) not the internet's fault - they've switched to commercial radio

How real estate is carrying News Corp while Binge fades

Tuesdata: The most interesting data from Facebook’s infamous Cunningham Memo

Start the Week: Fast food marketing under attack; TikTok grabs $70m slice of ad market; Meta goes missing again

Saying the quiet bit about work-life balance out loud; tectonic plates of streaming move again

Media's billion dollar bounceback

Tuesdata: July’s most prolific TV advertisers

Start the Week: AFL TV rights bids land; new streaming subs fall; the prolonged radio recovery

Best of the Week: Qantas, Musk and Springsteen: Lessons in how to trash your brand

What we learned from Listnr yesterday

An Unmade update - preparing for our next leap (and two requests)

Tuesdata: How the social giants stack up

Start the Week: Ten's ratings turnaround; Has AFL missed the boat? Making space for introverts

Best of the Week: Sorrell is a unicorn no longer; and Facebook pulled the rug on news again

The Unmakers: Troy Townsend and Jack Byrne of Zitcha - turning retailers into publishers

Netflix numbers aren't as bad as expected, but we're still close to the streaming subs peak

Tuesdata: Who won the cold and flu pharma battle

Start the Week: Return of the pirates; AFL rights bidding heats up; Will Nine journos strike?

Adland is a cosy club for some; why do so many want to leave?

Tuesdata: The most popular financial services brands this year

Start the Week: Are we running out of PRs?; Musk pulls out of Twitter deal; Catalano's new real estate play

Best of the Week: Economic signals, radio noise and adland prevarication

The Unmakers: Austin Mackell of Stone - using technology to improve journalism transparency

An awkward pitch question for agency bosses: Have you hushed up claims of a predator in your midst?

Tuesdata: June’s most prolific TV advertisers

Start the Week: TrinityP3 urges agencies to be upfront about harassment, bullying and assault; Ten's bold AFL bid; Meta's bargaining code outburst

Best of the Week: A disastrous FY22; Biggest CMO move of the year; Letters: What's the point of DAB+?

How Seven's shotgun marriage to Cricket Australia turned to divorce proceedings

Unmade video: The essential update on communications law with Stephen von Muenster

To the Infinite Dial... and beyond

Tuesdata: The home loan providers that spent big as we entered a cost of living crisis

Start the Week: Broadcast legislation review flagged; the Stan / Foxtel tie-up that never happened; more on the metaverse

Best of the Week: Black holes in the metaverse

The Unmakers: Mutiny's SaaS bet to reinvent marketing analytics, and how it wants to reshape the industry

Tuesdata: Who rules the domestic skies as travel returns?

Start the Week: M&C Saatchi sale saga continues; directors depart Judith Neilson Institute; Apple visits the Med; a happy Mutiny

Unforced errors and cautionary tales

Indistinguishable from magic; And why is Seven doing worst in the market crash?

Wednesdata: May's most prolific TV advertisers

Start the Week: SMH's Rebel Wilson debacle; Are Media refocuses on content marketing (again); World Cup bonanza

Best of the Week: The media agency numbers game; Remember the ABC's Project Jetstream?

As media valuations crash, is history about to repeat itself, a decade on?

Tuesdata: The fifteen biggest billing media agencies

Start the Week: Blood on the trading floor; Eddie Elsewhere; Vale Peter Harvie; See ya, Fletch; Top moments of reality telly

Best of the Week: Should TV ditch the overnights? No!

Is the ABC's next generation of radio listeners coming through? Not according to the ratings

Tuesdata: The automotive power player rankings, and the new contenders

Start the Week: Sports fans' multi-platform streaming bill; Wokeness and the CMO; Debranding Prime?

Vibe check: Nervous and woke

Marketing in a Cost of Living Crisis

Trust fails are bad for ratings too; The ASX bloodbath worsens for media stocks

Tuesdata: How the salaries of ASX-listed media and marketing CEOs stack up

Start the Week: Poll night ratings winners; Labor's media agenda; TV's last big content prize

Best of the Week: No winners in the Craig McLachlan court case; The atomised trade press

Making podcasting pay when the listening numbers don't (yet) add up

Start the Week: Nine calls for Facebook and Google to face code; Ooh Media's Poly push; Netflix's small tax bill

Best of the Week: The media manifesto you won't get next week, and the ASX rollercoaster

Attention surplus disorder

Start the Week: Facebook's Australian 'hit job'; Foxtel's streaming numbers; election fever

Best of the Week: What the new data tells us about Foxtel

'It doesn't have to be this way' - PHD's Chris Stephenson on the complexities of marketing in a programatic world

Paramount gets serious about AFL; Mangled Monkeys; When it's good to be boring

Revealed - How Labor outspend the other political parties for TV advertising in April

Start the Week: Labor's media law reform promise; News Corp buys publisher; The Messence merger

Best of the Week: Why Telstra bought into Fetch; the perils of the AFL TV rights deal

Media Unmade - Chapter 26: Deus Ex Machina (and an epilogue too)

Why agencies tinker with their own brands; Announcing our first Unmade event

Start the Week: SCA hunts for next CEO; Musk seizes Twitter; WPP's new commerce move

BOTW: The Netflix U-turn

Media Unmade - Chapter 25: Friday The Thirteenth

Has Qantas got a brand crisis or just a PR problem?

Start the Week: AFL up for grabs; Who will win the post-Easter ratings battle? Elon's Twitter game

Best of the Week: Why Elon Musk's Twitter takeover will probably fail; bad faith publishing

Media Unmade - Chapter 24: Fake News

The radio ratings in four charts you've not seen before

Start the Week: Foxtel IPO is dead; Sack SCA bosses says Ray Hadley; Election overload begins

Best of the Week: How Omnicom and Publicis overtook WPP in financial performance

Media Unmade - Chapter 23: Billionaire Elephants

Australia's biggest TV advertiser last month was the federal government promoting climate claims

How The Brag Media's 'centre of culture' strategy led to an Australian edition of Variety

Start the Week: Now or never for the Foxtel float; How Netflix saved F1; Will Amazon snatch The Olympics?

Best of the Week: Sir Martin's rocket ship suffers engine failure; Winners and losers of the quarter

Media Unmade - Chapter 22: Polarising, Paying and Staying

Welcome to WebKeeper - where the real Budget winner is Big Digital, as usual

Start the Week: A merger for SWM and HT&E?; AAP's next move; TV's big news week; the verdict on the Qantas ad

Best of the Week: Marketing in a cost-of-living crisis; Who (apart from Ten) would want SCA’s TV stations?; Is Qantas blowing its brand advantage?

Media Unmade - Chapter 21: Taking sides

How insurance became one of Australia's most exciting marketing battlegrounds

Start the Week: A big exit from Nine; The ABC's naughty tweeters; another social media crackdown?

Best of the Week: Good blokes, mean girls and newly unemployed men

Media Unmade - Chapter 20: Hard Stuff

An Unmade update - more subscribers, more listeners, more jetlag

With a senior exec named as abuser, has adland's belated #MeToo reckoning finally begun?

Best of the Week: Henry Tajer's next act; and radio's losers

The end of one of adland's great stands

Media Unmade - Chapter 19: Home James

Start the Week: Are Media moves into ecommerce; shifting sands of streaming; agencies exit Russia

Best of the Week: Foxtel's float runs out of road as Telstra switches horses to Fetch

Dark patterns of digital putting behavioural economics in the ACCC's crosshairs

Start the Week: Netflix in Oz; Variety mag Down Under; and do Ten's Saturday ratings woes even matter?

Best of the Week: 102 Weeks Later

Media Unmade - Chapter 18: The 800-Pound Gorilla

We interrupt this program to bring you a puppet show about tall poppies

Best of the Week: Ten finds a place in the Paramount family; meet Unmade's new recruit

Media Unmade - Chapter 17: The CBS Shock

Seven's hunting season is over - for now

Start the Week: Foxtel weighed up name change; InStyle returns; Tourism Australia back in the marketing business

Best of the Week: Why agencies can't tell clients what they do

Media Unmade - Chapter 16: 2Day was Yesterday

Government backs away from war on ABC in election year; CHEP reboots; Paul Henry - Breakfast was Ten's poison chalice

Best of the Week: Facebook's nightmare; Google's ridiculous profit; and can they still get the Foxtel float away?

Media Unmade - Chapter 15: A House of the Most Brittle Glass

Nobody knows anything; Accenture’s big hire; NYT's Wordle strategy

Start the Week: Eye of the Tiger; Day of the Cat; End of Business Insider; problematic pie charts

Best of the Week: Algorithmic adventures, idiot marketers, walled gardens and the Oban ferry

Media Unmade - Chapter 14: Magazines are different

Start the week: Will The Cat reanimate Prime's corpse?; Wobbly moments for the bear economy

Best of the Week: Has subscription streaming peaked, just as connected TV comes through?

Media Unmade - Chapter 13: Predator and Prey

Painful exits after Mumbrella’s illicit afterparty

Best of the Week: Radio's new talent conveyor belt

Media Unmade - Chapter 12: Haters Gonna Hate

Is it time for MLA to move on from Kekovich and co? Seven's hot mic faux pas

How are we doing with Unmade?

Matt Damon and the heuristics of finance

Media Unmade - Chapter 11: Blood, Sweat and Tears; and The Unmade Index slides again

The great News Corp breakup? And the Unmade Index kicks off today

Media Unmade - Chapter ten: Elephant in the Room