Unmade: media and marketing analysis
Unmade: media and marketing analysis
Why Ooh Media's Cathy O'Connor has been anything but bored with outdoor

Why Ooh Media's Cathy O'Connor has been anything but bored with outdoor

Welcome to an audio-led edition of Unmade.

Today’s interview features Ooh Media boss Cathy O’Connor reflecting on her first two years with the company, while further down we have the details of a red day on the Unmade Index.

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O’Connor: Has tightened Ooh Media’s focus

Cathy O’Connor: Out of home after digitisation

In today’s Unmade interview, I chat to Cathy O’Connor as she approaches the two year mark with Ooh Media.

We cover a lot of ground, beginning with her reminding me that when she took the job I’d (wrongly) suggested she might find it boring, after the excitement of running Lachlan Murdoch’s radio company Nova Entertainment.

We discuss Ooh’s pledge to make public spaces better in the wake of the backlash to QMS’s City of Sydney rollout; the adjustment from running a private business to an ASX-listed company; why she’s the only female CEO of a big media company; her decision to sell Junkee; and her agenda for the Outdoor Media Association after boss Charmaine Moldrich departs next year.

We also cover off the announcements from last week’s Ooh Outfront event - including the push into retail media through ReOoh, a tie up with Tennis Australia; measuring creative effectiveness in outdoor, and buying out of home advertising programatically.

We also cover what O’Connor did not know when she took the job, and what she’d like to change about the industry. It’s a packed 36 minutes.

Unmade Index - back below 700

The Unmade Index’s trip above 700 points was just a brief visit, this week. Yesterday the index fell by 0.94%, taking it back down to 697.4.

None of the Unmade Index of ASX listed media and marketing companies made it into positive territory yesterday. Pureprofile saw the biggest fall, of 2.78%, while Domain wasn’t far behind on 2.35%

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I’ll be back tomorrow with Best of the Week. I’ve already got lots to write about.


Tim Burrowes


Unmade: media and marketing analysis
Unmade: media and marketing analysis
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