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I don't think the Sky Sports F1 commentary was to blame. Even the live blog on the official f1.com website was talking about reduced points being awarded. And Verstappen himself didn't believe he was champion for ages after being told. Surely someone from the FIA realised before the very end that full points would be awarded, and should have asked their press officers to communicate it.

But of course Verstappen only won the championship yesterday because of Leclerc's penalty decided after the race anyway. At least Jensen Button on Sky Sports commentary called that as a penalty when it happened.

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Does the ABC currently make TV programs for broadcast or iView? The answer is of course "both". For radio or ABC Listen? Both. The ABC could get a lot more of it's audio content on-demand on Listen however.

If the ABC wants to reach more young people, it needs to a) make more content for young people and b) distribute it on platforms that appeal to young people. Can iView be a peer of Netflix and Disney+? If not, the ABC needs to be on a platform that is. Spotify is quickly becoming the platform-of-choice for podcast listening, as well as that for music. Can the ABC be it's peer?

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