A busy beginning for the week
The weird market dynamic created by the News Media Bargaining Code means that Facebook and Google are choosing the winners and losers in publishing
Foxtel's new news aggregation service Flash could prove to be a product in search of a market - but it's an affordable risk
Seven's upfronts yesterday were the story of a network that is sticking to its knitting
Seven's 2022 upfronts: Sport, data and a LOT of old favouritesListen now (28 min) | In the first Unmade podcast, I talk to Seven's Kurt Burnette and Natalie Harvey about the Commonwealth Games, the new slate, and …
Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce appear to be serious about turning the platforms into publishers but they probably don't have time before the election
Locked down radio listeners stayed in bed in Sydney and Melbourne
A podcasting powerhouse and a maturing culture means that Mamamia is no longer the clickbait-driven sweatshop that many once perceived it to be
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