Jun 13, 2022 • 32M

Start the Week: SMH's Rebel Wilson debacle; Are Media refocuses on content marketing (again); World Cup bonanza

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Tim Burrowes
Damian Francis
Insights into the media and marketing industry from an Australian perspective, from the founder of Mumbrella and the author of the best selling book Media Unmade, Tim Burrowes
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Welcome to Unmade’s Start the Week, a day later than usual because of Monday’s public holiday.

The Socceroos celebrate the coming boost to SBS ad revenue | Photo - Joe Allison / Getty Images

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Today’s topics:

  • How Socceroos World Cup qualifier will be an SBS advertising boost

  • How the SMH’s Rebel Wilson scoop turned to reputational disaster;

  • Are Media goes again on content marketing;

  • Media stocks continue their plunge;

  • News Corp misses out on transformative betting deal

Today’s episode features Unmade’s Tim Burrowes and Damian Francis. As always, we’d love to hear what you think at letters@unmade.media

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