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Unmade is where my writing appears now I’m no longer on Mumbrella’s staff.

I’m Tim Burrowes. I’m an award-winning1 journalist who’s been a hack for 30 years, has been writing about the media for 20, and on Australian media for 15.

I started Mumbrella back in 2008 and left in 2021. In July 2021, I published my best selling2 first book, Media Unmade.

This newsletter takes its inspiration from the book’s title. While the book Media Unmade focuses on the evolution of Australia’s media over the previous decade, the Unmade newsletter has a wider focus, reflecting upon Australia’s entire communications ecosystem, featuring the interconnected worlds of media, marketing and advertising. If you work somewhere within that industry, then Unmade is for you.

Unmade is my attempt to recapture one of the things I most enjoyed about my day job - writing Mumbrella’s Saturday Best of the Week email.

Soon I will ask you to take out a paid subscription to see all of the Unmade posts. It’s an experiment. I want to be one of the first journalists in Australia to attempt to make a living from the Substack model.

Unmade has evolved from my first attempt at a Substack newsletter in 2020 which was called Fifth Day. You’ll find that at the beginning of the archive.

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Briefly best selling on the day it launched, in the very narrow Amazon category of Media Studies