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Former Mumbrella founder Tim Burrowes started Unmade in August 2021.

Unmade offers a unique perspective on developments in the global marketing world seen through an Australian lens.

With more than 17,000 people receiving the email, Unmade is the fastest-growing newsletter in the local marketing industry.

In September 2022, Unmade won the ‘Launch of the Year’ award at the Publish Awards, while Tim Burrowes was named ‘Columnist of the Year’.

Unmade aims to offer context and insights otherwise lost in the daily agenda of press release-driven coverage. The name is inspired by Tim’s best selling

first book, ‘Media Unmade’, published by Hardie Grant Books in 2021.

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Unmade is published on the Substack platform.

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The Unmade Index

Unmade is the exclusive home of The Unmade Index, a daily tracker of the performance of ASX-listed media and marketing companies.

Unmade Podcast

This is also the home of the Start the Week podcast, presented by Tim Burrowes and Abe Udy.


TimBot is Unmdes AI-driven media expert. He bases his information on the contents of my book Media Unmade and the last two years of Unmade’s archive.

You’ll find TimBot at timbot.ai

Before you try him out, let me share some BIG caveats.

First: TimBot is a prototype. Sometimes he breaks. If he does so in an interesting way, please send us a screenshot to Cat McGinn.

Second: Because TimBot’s computing power is driven by elements of both ChatGPT-3.5 and the recently updated ChatGPT-4, he can be slow, particularly when America is awake.

Three: As an AI tool, TimBot records and stores transcripts of your conversations. This means any information you put into the chat, including personal information, is logged. The data you upload may be used for training future versions of the AI model. When you visit, use, or interact with the service, we receive the following information about your visit, use, or interactions, including your Internet Protocol address, browser type and settings, the date and time of your request, and how you interact with our website. For further information, view the Unmade Privacy Policy.

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Briefly best-selling on the day it launched in the very narrow Amazon category of Media Studies

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We welcome announcements, updates and press releases via the newsdesk@unmade.media.

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Tim Burrowes 

I write about the world's media and marketing industry from an Australian perspective Australian lens. I've worked in the UK, Middle East, Asia & Australia. I founded Mumbrella, which we sold in 2017.

Cat McGinn 

Writer, planner, idealist. I head up curated and commercial content for Unmade. Background in strategy/digital. Feminist. Birth advocate.

Belinda Cusack 

As Chief of Staff, I lead the operations to support the growth of Unmade's newsletters and events. Join us at RE:Made or humAIn, and subscribe to become informed of what happens in the background that influences the media and marketing industry.

Abe Udy

Audio producer & owner of Abe's Audio. Utilizing emerging MP3 and email technology, I started Abe's Audio when I was 20 (in 1998) from my bedroom and now employ over 20 staff.