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Unmade: media and marketing analysis
The Unmakers: How Storipress founder Alex Pan wants to reinvent digital publishing

The Unmakers: How Storipress founder Alex Pan wants to reinvent digital publishing

Welcome to an audio-led edition of The Unmakers, featuring Alex Pan, founder of Australia-based publishing technology startup Storipress. The Unmakers is Unmade’s podcast where I interview entrepreneurs starting new businesses and projects seeking to change how the media and marketing industry does business.

Created as a code-free alternative to the likes of WordPress and Substack, Storipress broke cover back in July, revealing it had raised $500,000 in seed funding.

Pan: Wants to challenge platforms like WordPress

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Storipress has been accepted onto the local startup accelerator project Startmate, with early investors including former Junkee Media cofounder Tim Duggan.

In the conversation, Pan shares the story of how frustrations with his own publishing venture inspired him to create a new platform, and shares his philosophy on what’s needed to fix the ecosystem and how he wants to become “Shopify for media companies”.

Storipress is still in beta

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