May 26, 2022 • 40M

Marketing in a Cost of Living Crisis

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Tim Burrowes
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On Tuesday, Unmade ran our first live event, in front of a packed industry audience at The Forresters pub in Surry Hills. The topic - which proved to be a lively one - was how the communications industry should handle the growing cost of living crisis.

The panel featured Melissa Hopkins, VP and CMO, Optus, Katie Rigg-Smith, chief strategy officer WPP, Jana Bowden, Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, Macquarie University and Al Crawford, founder of Shapeshifter Consulting.

Among the areas the panel explored was how the situation will affect the consumer behaviour of different parts of the population, from the Mosman mortgagees with a Range Rover on an expensive lease, to those worrying about whether they can afford to buy a leg of lamb.

The industry was warned to get over its problem of being data rich and empathy poor, and the audience heard about the behavioural economic s of shrinkflation.

The event was sponsored by Howatson and Company. The podcast was edited by Abe’s Audio.

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