Sitemap - 2024 - Unmade: media and marketing analysis

The holding company mincer is eating agency brands

BotW: Global greenshoots; News Corp radio?; Is Sneesby about to pass the torch?

'We don't think it's sustainable for them to operate in this market' - News Corp’s Nicholas Gray on the potential to kick Meta out of Australia

Newspapers are still on the extinction timeline - of course

Conversations with a robot wine salesman

StW: Is Nine's Olympic balance sheet red or black?; Mediaweek for sale to Vinyl Group? Upfronts partying on hold

BotW: Bad week for publishing; Good week for Paramount?; Bad week for Disrupt Radio; Bad behaviour at Mediaweek

Announcing the return of the REmade Awards; and Group M's Marc Lomas on the evolution of Australian retail media

BotW: The new media legislation is out of date before the ink is dry

Ghost flights and party poppers: Brands aren't saying sorry properly when they own up to customers

'I want the show to be more widely available': Christian O'Connell pushes for networking into Sydney

How Disrupt Radio lost nearly $5m in its first year on air; another new low on the Unmade Index

Scorecard: How FY24 was the year the bears came after Australia's media stocks

StW: After media's meltdown, what comes next?; AI for PR monitoring; Voiceover artists' existential threat

BotW: The week the wheels fell off

Strategy eats synergy for breakfast: Why SCA rejected Catalano's bid

'There doesn't seem to be any let up' former Austereo boss Michael Anderson on the ad market's accelerating decline

TV's bloodiest day

Why are so few board chairs actual experts on the media businesses they lead?

StW: Southern Cross Austereo makes up its mind about ACM; New alarm over uninvited AI scraping

BotW: The cricket is behind the Amazon paywall, but does the public care? How Domain became half of Nine's valuation

What's the worst that AI can do to our industry (and can we prevent it)?

The Unmakers: Chris Wirasinha on how Linkby is helping publishers rework the affiliate marketing game

Are marketers and media agencies as complacent about ad fraud as they seem?

Despite Meta's claims, the public say they get their news from social media

StW: Why women are rejecting news; Research industry trembles at AI onslaught; Seven's comic signing

BotW: EOFY uncertainty; and the yin and yang of media exits

What PayPal's retail media pivot means for brands; Media stocks lift from their low

Busting the digital audio fraudsters, and how connected TV is the scammers' latest honeypot; Seven's debt milestone

There's nothing normal about what's happening to Australian media stocks

Decoding Peter Costello's final salvo from his Nine exit

BoTW: Slugging it out in Canberra; Brag Media boss's weird exit; Grim milestones

Peter Costello's shoulder barge turns Nine's omnishambles into a shit show

AI is news media's extinction event: the verdict - our closing HumAIn Great DebAIt

No early Melbourne breakthrough for Kyle & Jackie O, and even SEN overtakes the ABC

SMI shows green shoot for news; Unmade Index pushes for 500

StW: Newest retail media network revealed; First ratings clue on K+J; Paramount sale into the endgame; Platforms targeted

BOTW: Nine's worst week - can Sneesby survive?; News Corp centralises; Is SCA taking The Cat seriously?

Peacock party: Why it makes sense for Comcast to buy Seven

'If transformation was easy, everyone would do it': New Mutinex CEO Mat Baxter on why adland is stuck in old models


The worst people in the world are making the most desperate hand over their data. What could possibly go wrong?

Will Nine's scandal over news boss take down leadership? Agencyland's new player; News Corp restructures

BotW: Amazon joins the fight for video ad dollars; a damp election campaign launch; and the Naked legacy

Is the future of journalism producing training fodder for the AI companies?

The Mamamia transition - In conversation with new CEO Nat Harvey and proprietor Jason Lavigne

The shady underbelly of principal media

Who killed Skippy? How the TV networks turned their backs on their next generation

StW: Epochal days in AI; can ARN's scale logic win the day in the SCA battle?

BotW: DM insights from the oldest boyband in town; the Initiative decapitation; An Optus-Max partnership?

A baller move from OpenAI, but who will end up paying for all this ‘free’ technology?

Lou Barrett on News Corp's sales evolution, and is the industry ready to try again for a local premium content exchange?

Arming the polar bears with flamethrowers while the ice melts - the AI acceleration

ARN's takeover bid for SCA is on the critical list; can it be saved?

StW: ARN races to rescue SCA takeover as Anchorage wimps out; TV sports rights showdown; Is OpenAI going to take on Google?

BOTW: Crunchtime for SCA takeover; When the going gets tough for marketers; Seven-versus-everyone (Part 7); Foxtel flattens; Canberra wakes up to social media

The Unmakers: Fabulate it - How an Australian tech platform is helping brands manage big influencer campaigns

Outpost: Almost all our major advertising and media dynamics now begin offshore

Behavioural economics, soft diplomacy and hardnosed pragmatism of airline marketing

StW: Cost cutting on Nine agenda as Sneesby spray goes public; and SXSW unveiled

BOTW: How news is becoming a collective industry; and SMI's latest bloodbath

Help us learn how AI is being used in marketing and media

Prophet growth: How Jordan Taylor-Bartels is using big math to predict marketing goals

Tax is the answer; media's great extinction deb(AI)t; and the Unmade Index rebounds

StW: K+J Day; Cosmo is back; Google hides local ad revenue as Twitter's take collapses

BOTW: The end of audits; Foxtel's shifting sands; and a wild day on the Unmade Index

Anatomy of a viral news story: Why the Arj Barker baby controversy went everywhere

How UnLtd pivoted to purpose

StW: TikTok crackdown; Consumers' sauce sacrifices; Free-to-air ads slump 17%; ABC ups its marketing spend

BOTW: Seven's new era; Meta turns on its AI; Radio leads change hands; and here come Amazon and Uber

Uber's big moves; Are marketers missing a trick with brand-to-brand partnerships?; and James Warburton exits Seven

Anthony DeCeglie on the Nightly: 'There's a demand for quality journalism that's free, mainstream middle'

Shots fired. An ad agency boss says you shouldn’t come to our AI conference. Why?

The company you keep: What the Bruce Lehrmann affair says about Seven's culture

StW: The Bondi Junction attach - How 2GB led the way as the ABC went missing; Lehrmann verdict; Fast food ads next

BotW: Sexist advertising is back, baby; Facebook can go on serving scam ads; The Unmade Index's rotten week

Does today's strong Publicis result mean the industry's pulse is coming back?

How Daniel Kahneman, the grandfather of behavioural economics, changed marketing

TV gets a win; Our AI conference program unveiled; Unmade Index hits a record low

When wastage becomes fraud

StW: James Warburton set to leave Seven next week; Bad pitches; How AI is driving copyright dodging

BotW: Will Warburton go early?; The future of Paramount shapes up; and AI trust issues

Outdoor: the last bulletproof medium

'It's fear that stops men standing up. They don't want to rock the boat'

Adland's chance to set the AI agenda

Survive til '25: With one quarter done, we've ranked winners and losers for 2024 so far

Signs of the times in adland and the media

As Paramount+ preps its local ad tier, ANZ boss Beverley McGarvey and global chief Marco Nobili talk strategy, speculation and sport

Have marketers and agencies given up on setting measurement standards? News media as the AI canary

Radio has found its route to a single streaming player; can free-to-air TV do the same?

StW: Google tells agencies AI will eat their jobs; What was Accenture thinking?; Smart TV app verdict imminent

BotW: TV networks fight like crabs in a pot; Accenture begs for a woman's touch; The ad wastage conundrum; Paramount upheaval

Shadow teams are using AI for their marketing, even if their managers don't know it

Voice of the indies: Sam Buchanan on the rise of Independent Media Agencies Australia

The smart marketing behind the explosive launch of the Tasmania Devils

The fateful eight: How Publicis, WPP, Omnicom, Dentsu, Havas, IPG, S4 Capital and Enero rank

StW: ACCC takes aim at search; SCA board spill gathers momentum

BotW: What's really happening to news on social media; A royal PR disaster; and a new takeover development for SCA

Meet the man whose job is to tank his ratings

'Every question was being answered the wrong way' - Erik Jensen on ten years of the Saturday Paper

Podcast audience starts to plateau; Carsales to share AI transformation story at HumAIn

It's official: New research shows streaming has finally overtaken TV and radio in Australia

StW: Countdown to Kyle; 'AI will do 95% of agency jobs'; Will Nine buy back Catalano's papers?

BOTW: Thinkboxing, Melbourne's radio battle, and sabotaging The Apprentice

REmade: Why retail media is the trojan horse of marketing

'The slog is relentless': Claire Kimball and Kate Watson on the marathon of email publishing

We've got to hit bottom some time. Could it be now?

The mysterious case of the marketer and the pot of silver

StW: Media's coming war with Meta as Facebook turns its back on news; TV Fight Club convenes

BOTW: On The Beach, in the lift, at one minute to midnight for media

That was either Southern Cross Austereo's last, and worst, financial results - or the turning point

'We couldn't get a pulse back' Patrick Delany on the rationale behind Foxtel's pivot to streaming

Police boss fails on the comms; Bringing sexy/boring back

First edition

StW: Media's 'extinction level event'; What to expect from SCA's financials; Another Google AI brand blunder

BotW: On the road to Hubbl and Brad Banducci's awkwardly timed exit

Green shoots postponed: What we learned from Nine and ARN Media's financial results yesterday

Can the radio industry persuade marketers to rethink their media buying strategies?

Woolworth CEO's interview car crash was an avoidable PR disaster

After steadying the ship, Ooh Media moves into the next phase

STW - Hubbl revealed; Earnings season in earnest; Ten boss Jarrod Villani exits

BOTW: Can marketers find an edge in the media mix?; TV's good-bad week; Another AI shock

Why Australia's marketers need to worry about the lack of local artificial intelligence laws

How Vinyl, Australia's only ASX-listed music company, got into publishing by buying The Brag Media

No victory lap for Warburton as Seven delivers its worst first half ever; Unmade Index takes a hit

Super Bowl, the creativity black hole; and Ooh Media's grand recovery

Start the Week: Vale Harold Mitchell; Australia's new paper; Google's bad AI brand strategy

BOTW: Thick red lines; radio rivalries; journo pomposity; and streaming's state of play

Start the Week: Paramount in play?; ABC's big commercial hire; Amazon Prime Video's Aussie surge; Radio 'smears'

BOTW: TV gets its way; Zav's last stand; Nine's AI faux pas; Paramount on the block; A Corden coincidence?

How Gai Le Roy steered the IAB from spruiking digital to industry consensus

A hard earned strategy

Start the Week: Is Nine trying to sell Domain?; New TV ratings system launches today; Is arcane ABC ready for Kim Williams?

BOTW: A grand reprogramming; and reworking the news business

Live at Compass: Rethinking TV measurement, creativity, and adland's declining influence on culture

Kim Williams is back - good; Call for proposals for our AI Upfronts

A showcase of retail media's future

BOTW: Qantas appoints an accountant to do a marketer's job; mediocre white men; a News Corp merger?

Live at Compass: Is WFH about avoiding work?; Will better reporting mean ad dollars?; Why won't trade press tell readers what they know?

The TV industry's own figures suggest most under-40s are no longer watching

BOTW: Good morning, Boomertown - MLA's lamb campaign shows a good strategy can work for decades