Unmade create events based on the in-depth knowledge of marketing media industry trends, supported by advisory panels built with recognised industry experts. Program content and speaker choices are based on relevancy rather than spending.

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Contact Cat McGinn, Head of Curated and Commercial Content, if you are interested in the following:

  • joining the advisory panel,

  • speaking at the event

  • submitting a session outline

  • providing an AI Upfront

We hope to see you soon at one of our events.

RE:Made - Retail Media Unmade

Unmade’s first conference was RE:Made - Retail Media Unmade, which focused on the retail media sector and took place in March 2023.

Look out for the second RE:Made conference, coming later in 2023.

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humAIn takes place in July 2023 and aims to help media and marketing professionals adapt to the artificial intelligence transformation within their roles.

Program highlights

humAIn AI Upfronts

Like the traditional upfronts in which media owners showcase their upcoming content, new properties and advertising opportunities for the coming year, the AI Upfronts will help our audience find the AI-powered products and services that offer genuine utility to the marketing and media sectors now and in the near future. Pitches for the AI Upfronts can be sent to Cat McGinn.

humAIn’s The Great DebAIte

The event will close with the Great DebAIte, where two opposing teams will dispute the proposition:

Generative AI is not a threat to media and marketing jobs, but a much-needed tool to expand what’s possible at speed and low cost.”

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