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humAIn - the cutting edge of media and marketing

REmade - Retail Media Unmade

REmade Retail Media Awards

Compass - Projections and reflections

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humAIn - the cutting edge of media and marketing

Save the date - 28 May 2024

The rapid pace of development in AI is already having an impact on the world of media and marketing.

​From media planning to creative ideation, agency remuneration to campaign personalisation, AI and machine learning innovations are changing how business is done, how creativity is valued, and how we work.

​humAIn is an AI conference for the media and marketing industries. It aims to distinguish the helpful from the hype-cycle, and examines the real-world applications of AI for the media and marketing industry, now and in the near future.

​The inaugural event in 2023 began to build a community of practice, discussing and defining the key implications, showcasing successful case studies, and helping the industry grapple with emerging issues to make best use of this new technology. 

Our objective for humAIn 2024 is to deliver a program rich in case studies, real-world implementation, and presentations showcasing AI innovation.

​The conference will again see everybody leave with a playbook to make the most of the AI wave in their own jobs, and to connect the humAIn community to the service providers and technologists who can offer practical benefit in the immediate and medium term.


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REmade - Retail Media Unmade

Save the date - 1 October 2024

Retail Media is an innovative, fast-evolving and undeniably economically significant sector in the marketing and advertising ecosystem.

​The annual REmade program offers insight and relevance to all marketers, no matter whether they are in the early stages of retail media transformation, or seeking to optimise their capabilities.

​Hear from leaders in the sector sharing the stories behind the case studies: from beginning a retail media transformation, through to optimisation and evolving ecosystems along the retail media maturity curve.

The agenda broadens the scope of understanding of retail media networks beyond the grocery category, with speakers from a diverse range of retail media networks on the program.

​The lineup features industry-leading speakers who have been at the forefront of retail media innovation. They'll delve into its potential, sharing success stories, the obstacles and challenges overcome in building a successful retail media network, best practices, and forecasting trends.

Most importantly, the event brings the retail media community together to discuss best practices, showcase successful case studies and analyse the pitfalls and potential challenges to help emerging players and experienced operators make the most effective use of this dynamic channel.


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REmade - Retail Media Unmade Awards

Entry dates to be released in early 2024

As part of Unmades contribution to supporting and growing the retail media community, Unmade developed the annual REmade Awards to celebrate and showcase best practices in the retail media sector, and to highlight the individuals who are making an impact.

The four award categories recognize the innovative and daring individuals and organisations leading the way.

  1. Retail Media Leader

  2. Retail Media Rising Star

  3. Retail Media Innovation

  4. Retail Media Collaboration

Award winners will be announced at the REmade Retail Media conference on 1 October 2024.


Unmade Compass - projections and reflections

Coming back in November 2024 to a city near you

Join the Unmade community for an informal look back on the most disruptive year the marketing industry has seen, and a look ahead at the big trends to shape the year to come.

Over a glass of wine, hear from our expert panel, offering marketing, media and communications perspectives on all the big themes of the previous year.

Unmade members receive a free ticket in their local city to this annual event.

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