Jul 30 • 25M

Start the Week: Foxtel's next move; DDB doubles down on digital; ARN woos Kyle and Jackie O; Seven's Logies gamble a hit

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Seja Al Zaidi
Insights into the media and marketing industry from an Australian perspective, from the founder of Mumbrella and the author of the best selling book Media Unmade, Tim Burrowes
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Welcome to Start the Week, our Monday scene-setter for the week ahead.

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Foxtel’s Project Magneto leans into the UK’s Sky Glass


  • Foxtel drops more hints about Project Magneto;

  • DDB doubles down on digital with RAPP;

  • ARN’s cryptic message for Kyle and Jackie O;

  • The Logies make a splash for Seven;

Today’s episode feature Tim Burrowes and Abe Udy.

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Tim Burrowes