May 21 • 25M

Start the Week: A new Twitter clone from Meta; Coalition promises TV networks $46m tax cut; new hires at Scire; No love for subs

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Tim Burrowes
Insights into the media and marketing industry from an Australian perspective, from the founder of Mumbrella and the author of the best selling book Media Unmade, Tim Burrowes
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Welcome to Start the Week, our Monday scene-setter for the week ahead.

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Future of TV gambling ads is on shaky ground | Source: Canda Media Intelligence


  • Coalition proposes $46m TV tax cuts;

  • Survey reveals public support for government gambling ads ban;

  • Children’s commercial programming takes a nosedive;

  • A new Twitter clone from Meta;

  • Media startup Scire announces new hires;

  • Walkleys Foundation slammed for scrapping headline award;

  • Stan steps down from Q&A - will his replacement save the ratings?;

Today’s episode feature Tim Burrowes and Abe Udy.

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Tim Burrowes