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'I don't even think we're at the early adopter stage': AI agency founder Jeremy Somers on the disruption ahead

'I don't even think we're at the early adopter stage': AI agency founder Jeremy Somers on the disruption ahead


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Welcome to an audio-led edition of Unmade.

Today’s edition features Jeremy Somers, founder of AI creative agency Not Content.

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Jeremy Somers, the man behind ‘world’s first AI-led creative content agency’

Somers: not content

In 2022, Jeremy Somers, founder of fashion label We Are Handsome, ventured into uncharted territory, founding NotContent, which he says is the world's first AI-driven creative agency. Somers previously worked in Sydney at digital agencies including Razorfish and the White Agency.

Not Content advertises itself to agencies as a ”white-label service for your clients” promising it will allow them to “do little work” and “take their money”.

For brands, the agency promises it can “double your content each month keeping your costs steady”.

“This is where everything will go, whether it's this year, whether it's in five years or in 10 years. This is massive for everything that I've ever known, and everything that I’ve done, no matter what part of the creative industry,” Somers says of the transformative properties of generative AI.

“It's a bit of a scary thing I think for everyone in the creative industries, because it changes everything. All the skills that we've spent so many years or decades learning, a lot of those skills get thrown out the window, but the most important ones do not, and I don't think that a lot of people see that yet.”

Somers does, however, believe that the industry and wider society at large is lagging behind on realising and capitalising on the utility of generative AI as a tool, saying: “I don't believe that we have even started moving upwards on this early adopter curve yet. I don't even think we're at the early adopter stage. We're very much before that.”

“The amount of creative jobs that are going to change, not necessarily get lost, but change and only change if the skilled people are upskilling themselves into this new world. Just like we went from analogue everything to digital everything, whether you were using a graphite pencil or a film camera, you had to upskill yourself in the digital revolution. This is the same,” Somers says of the adaptability and agility creatives will need to adopt in the wake of the AI revolution.

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