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Unmade: media and marketing analysis
Bonus: The Unmade x TV Blackbox crossover - Live at the Seven Upfronts
Bonus: The Unmade x TV Blackbox crossover - Live at the Seven Upfronts

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Welcome to a bonus audio-led edition of Unmade. Below, we discuss Seven West Media’s plans for 2024 with the team from TV Blackbox.

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'We weren't expecting any surprises and Seven delivered'

Seven CEO James Warburton kicks off the Upfronts

In a bonus audio-led edition, Unmade’s Tim Burrowes and Seja Al Zaidi joined TV Blackbox’s Rob McKnight and Steve Molk at the noisy afterparty of the Seven Upfronts, held in Sydney.

The quad squad discussed:

  • The lack of surprises in Seven’s annual showcase

  • The importance of Seven’s digital AFL and cricket rights

  • The return of Big Brother

  • The new format Made in Bondi

  • The arrival of Chris Brown

  • Stranded on Honeymoon Island - the latest attempt to challenge Nine’s Married at First Sight

  • Marketer Mel Hopkins’ change of heart on the impact of TV

  • Upgrades to 7plus

  • Seven’s new TV trading system Phoenix

  • Seven West Media’s community sport offering Streamer

Seven’s chief revenue officer Kurt Burnette introduces Phoenix

Time to leave you to the rest of your weekend.

We’ll be back with another audio edition on Monday, with Start the Week.

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