About Unmade

I’m Tim Burrowes, an award-winning1 journalist who’s been a writer for 30 years, including the last 20 covering the media and marketing industry.

Unmade analyses the major global (and local) media and marketing issues from an Australian perspective. I split my time between Australia and the northern hemisphere where I will be reporting from the major industry gatherings as they return after the pandemic.

I founded Mumbrella back in 2008 and we sold it in 2017. I moved on in 2021.

My best selling2 first book, Media Unmade was published by Hardie Grant Books in 2021.

Unmade takes its name from the book’s title. While the book Media Unmade focuses on the evolution of Australia’s media over the previous decade, the Unmade newsletter has a wider focus, reflecting upon Australia’s entire communications ecosystem, featuring the interconnected worlds of media, marketing and advertising.

If you work anywhere within that Australian media and marketing industry, then Unmade is for you.

Unmade is published on the Substack platform. I’m among the first journalists in Australia to attempt to make a living via the Substack subscription model.

Most of the content I publish is free, with additional analysis and podcasts available to paying subscribers.

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If external validation is important to you. It is to me.


Briefly best selling on the day it launched, in the very narrow Amazon category of Media Studies

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I welcome announcements, updates and press releases via the email address: newsdesk@unmade.media.

And if you want to message me directly, that’s tim@unmade.media