Apr 16 • 23M

Start the Week: Total TV finally approaches; Eddie for 3AW drivetime?; How streaming quotas will work; Google's speaker blunder

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Tim Burrowes
Abe Udy
Insights into the media and marketing industry from an Australian perspective, from the founder of Mumbrella and the author of the best selling book Media Unmade, Tim Burrowes
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Welcome to Start the Week, our Monday scene-setter for the week ahead.

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Digital art: Midjourney | Prompt: ‘A multitude of televisions, drawn in 3D, colourful, showing sports, news and dramas on different screens’


  • TV industry finally gets its 3D view - but will it be enough for Foxtel?;

  • Pedestrian launches a TV channel;

  • How streaming quotas will work;

  • Will Eddie McGuire take a bigger 3AW gig?;

  • Google’s smart speaker switchoff

Today’s episode feature Tim Burrowes and Abe Udy.

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Tim Burrowes