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The Mutiny product is excellent and a credit to Aussie innovation. I agree that it will become a global leader

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I chuckled aloud when I got to my unfortunate typo next to Matt's name... typos now sorted, thanks, John.

And on your main point re the networks... In an economically rational world, I'd tend to agree. But the networks would need to be incentivised to hasten the switchover, and would be able to drag their feet while they held the spectrum hostage until they extract a price. That's my guess, anyway...



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re digital revenue falling: we are now almost three years since the covid induced Q2 2020 fall of the cliff. will be interesting to see Q2 2023 rate of change when the numbers come in.

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Yes Tim, you have been a busy bloke with the conference and having to write the six newsletters.

It's resulted in two crackers that really gave me a few chuckles ...

* re Motio you wrote "It’s EBITDA (earrings before interest". I can honestly say I've never seen Adam wearing earrings.

* re Mutinex it's a bit harsh on Matt's name under the photo ... something like one two many "r"s (no pun intended.

Now, regarding to "TV after the switch off" you ask "Who really owns that spectrum?" I agree the day will come that the spectrum is redundant (as long as internet access in remote areas are adequately serviced).

But you then state that "No doubt, the networks’ powerful lobbying skills will extract a price for that."

Back in October 2017 the Department of Communications and the Arts released 'Broadcasting - Moving To More Efficient Broadcasting Fees' and stated "the Government has abolished broadcasting licence fees, saving broadcasters around $130 million per year. At the same time, the Government has introduced a price for the use of radiofrequency spectrum for commercial broadcasting that more accurately reflects its use.". They go on to say "Commercial broadcasters have been paying a very small amount compared to the value of the spectrum they actually use – about $75,000 per year."

Doesn't the 2017 release indicate that there won't be a lot of moolah to lobby about?



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