Securing a new power base: An update on the Unmade adventure

Two months in, the data is starting to stack up. Here's what I've learned so far. Plus, a bit of news about me

Welcome to Unmade, kicked off on Wednesday lunchtime in the amazing Cuppa, Cake & Collectibles tea shop in Sisters Creek.

Only in Tasmania can you order a jacket potato, pot of leaf tea and home made chocolate brownie, plus a can of Pepsi Max for later, for just $11.50.

Happy Separation of Church and State Day. Maybe we’ll celebrate it properly in Australia at some point.

Today’s writing soundtrack: Sea FM Burnie. It’s a rare day that they’re not playing Jack and Diane. This was not that day.

It’s now nine weeks since I launched Unmade, and four weeks since I turned on the paywall.

Going forward, at least one post per week will be subscriber only, along with some of our podcasts.

For those thinking of subscribing for Unmade’s paid tier, tomorrow will be the last day before I turn off the launch offer. I’ve come to the conclusion that - so long as I do my job properly (and I intend to) - $180 per year is too cheap. So the current 20% off deal - taking it down to $144 - will not be repeated.

Get 20% off for 1 year

As somebody who writes about media business models for a living, it’s been an invigorating couple of months trying out a new one for size. Here’s what I’ve learned so far…

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